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  1. Skola toys are great .They are grrat for playing and learning .Loved reading the post

    1. Thx for reading !

  2. Zainab says:

    Loved the post! Skola Toys looks like a superb brand!

    1. Tysm , thx for reading !

  3. thats great .. loved ur article

      1. do chck my new blog post as well .. ????

  4. Thanks for this amazing post

    1. Thx for reading !

  5. Skola toys are very creatively designed for toddlers learning. These are very colourful and attractive. These are helpful to enhance their learning skills.

    1. Indeed , they got wide range for every child to help building their monitoring skills !

  6. Bahut accha likha ?? toys k sath khelna hamesha creativity ko badata hai ??

    1. Thanks Aunty ji. I’m glad you liked it !

  7. Skola toys are great for child learning in early years love the information

    1. Indeed. Thx for reading !

  8. Thank you so much for introducing me to this will definitely check the collection out

    1. Yeah, do check out. You’ll find it really useful .

  9. Lavanya says:

    I must say , i am impressed thats a great blog post loved it

    1. Aww,tysm for Reading & liking

  10. Very insightful! We as parents usually buy toys in general not thinking much about them being age appropriate- but yes- children do improve more on their imaginative learning becoz of toys

  11. These toys look so good, like they are amazing for our little ones. Tha KS for the information on it

  12. Firstly. I LOVED ur page.. n we love skola toys.. we have some from.our toy library

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