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Learning Journeys designed As Play ,Feat. Skola toys !! – Sweet Sunshine Blog
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Learning Journeys designed As Play ,Feat. Skola toys !!

Ones potential is so huge, and so vast,

Yet, why is it, that so many fail, and usually come last?,
So few truly succeed, that when they do, others are jealous and totally aghast,
Let’s all believe in success, and I promise that failure will be part of the past.

The things you think, and the things you believe,
If they are true, then those are the things that you will achieve,
But if your thoughts are false, or they are used to deceive,
You’ll be stabbed in the back, and that is a promise that you had better believe.

Get rid of depression, worry and fear,
Because success is so often so very, very near,
Tell your subconscious ,  “success is mine”, and tell it to hear,
Remind it often, then success will be yours, that is a promise, my dear.

Just ask the “DIVINE”, for whatever you desire,
For happiness or abundance, or anything else to which you aspire,
It’s now time to succeed, so go ahead, set your goals, and light that fire,
Do it with passion, and I promise you this, you’ll soar higher and higher.

Life is the seeds that you plant each day,
Life is creating a better world in which to stay.

We All hope that our road is a long one, full of adventure, full of discovery… Arriving there is what you’re destined for. But don’t hurry the journey at all. Better if it lasts for years, so you’re old by the time you reach the island, wealthy with all we’ve gained on the way.

The poem beautifully written by “Michael Sage” keeping in mind , the true meaning of life where we set out to reach a status in life, but what becomes more important are the things we have gained in our quest to get there. Similarly, when children set out to learn a certain “something”, the journey to learn that is critical.

For Example :

How a little child goes about Learning to Add 2 numbers, for instance. Yes, of course 2+1 = 3, but how did the child can learn it ??

There Are many questions in our mind :

  1. Did we give them the answer helpfully and smilingly?
  2. Did they just hear the answer once, and immediately register it to memory?
  3. Did they see it in a book and write it down 5 times, so it became a fact?
  4. Did they learn to count first, practice it for a couple of months counting anything and everything they came across ?
  5. Did they then count 2 and 3, put it together and arrive at the answers making many mistakes along the way and learning from them ?
  6. Did they Consider themselves create their own manipulatives ?

It’s better to give them some objects/ learning toys to demonstrate How Addition Works.


Helping your child learn the concept of addition will place his or her academic future on firm footing. Before kids can master their addition sums, however, they need to understand the nature of “adding.

A variety of teaching tools can help you work effectively with your child & make learning addition fun..


Always remember that Your child’s learning and development is monitored and supported throughout every stage of nursery life.




For kids , true happiness comes from doing an activity, not completing it and finding an answer. Their focus is always clearly on the process and not the outcome.

Learning always occurs when children engage voluntarily in purposeful activities. So if we give them a series of the right tools, they are surely know what is right and what not & can answer the correct thing by their own..

It is the counting-up and the countdown that adds to the mystery, magic, and allure of these tools . Children as young as two can comprehend that the numbers changes and they demonstrate this by holding up the right number of fingers as they play . They also understand that the numbers mean something. And they wait with excitement for the count-up and countdown. That is how early children show a predisposition to learn math skills.

Learning is Fundamental , Let Them learn With Toys & Play Hard …

They see fun, you see learning !!


AT  Skolatoys ,

All Learning Journeys are Designed to be informative and intuitive . Kids actually experience these journeys as they open up new avenues in their learning abilities.


Have a Look At the “Journey Through Numbers” Exclusively From Their Website Which goes very well with the Above example Stated ..

Journey Through Numbers :

A land where the magic of math takes over and transforms counting, sequencing, quantity association and abstract arithmetic operations into tangible experiences using physical objects .

As a result of associating numbers with words, sequencing them in an arithmetic progression, evaluating quantities, and absorbing the cardinal properties and ordinality of numbers, children grasp the number system from 1 to 10.

They Got different- different sets of toys ,which proved a solid foundation for all future learning of arithmetic.

Please Refer To the Website for Many More Such Learning Journeys Which are designed as play ..


Just like each of us have a different journeys running simultaneously all teaching us something different, so also at any point in time, the child is not on one particular journey alone. 

He/ She Had to go through Many Learning Journeys Such Learning Through Different Grids :

  • Learning To Read & Write ?
  • Achieving Fine Motor skills ?
  • Awareness of spectacular aspects of the physical world  like shapes, colours, sizes, movement, forces ,etc ?
  • Learning sensory experiences . ?

Every child is unique in the way they start and move through these journeys.

 ”Children can learn a lot from playing.  When you give your child educational toys and play with them , it gives him a chance to bond with you, learn, & have fun at the same time. And making education enjoyable will help your child retain the things he learns & develop a positive attitude toward learning.”

This Is An overall Positive Approach By The Brand ” Skola toys ” ..

Now the Detailed Information About The Brand :

Skola Toys  .

It’s a Banglore Based toy Brand Which aims In Spreading ” Learning Journeys Designed As Play ”

Their Exciting range of toys for children of age 1, 2, 3 4, 5, 6, 7 years focussed on gross motor, sensorial, language, mathematics, science, cognition & creative skills.

They Create toys which helps the child to play independently, build confidence, enhance fine motor skills, provide avenues for creativity while enabling the child to experience various aspects of dimensions.

They have a wide variety of wooden educational toys to choose from which are equally fun and meaningful !

Starting From Ages 1-7 , They Guys can cover all our needs ..

Skola Toys create opportunities for your child to acquire, practice and gradually perfect new skills. Young children achieve milestones across the cognitive, fine motor, gross motor, language and social-emotional domains, and different toys encourage development in one or more of these developmental areas.


At Skola, they believe a child’s learning is a series of adventures. They had charted a map of the 6 “lands” of a child’s core learning. Take a look to see how they help our little explorer #PlayItRight ..


For More Information You Can Easily visit their Official website . Find the direct link below ???

Instagram Account :

Facebook Page :


Enable their future generations to play, explore and discover through “Learning Journeys Designed As Play ”..

Do Check out The Entire Range . I’m sure their is something for every child according To his / her taste ..

My Honest Verdict :

I’m Very Thankful to The brand for taking this Spectacular Initiative ?? Kudos to The Team ….



I hope You all find this post helpful . So do like & Share your Thoughts as well in the comments section below ??


N Share Share Share As ” Sharing Is Caring ”??

N Stay Tuned For My Next Related Post, Will be out soon ..

Have A Fantabulous Day Ahead ..

N Do take Care of yourself and your little ones ..

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