Reviewed My Fig-o-honey Cloth Diapers !!

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Yayy, We all are already enjoying the Festivity In The Air , & Are so much Occupied with the preparations For Grand Celebrations Of The Festival ” Diwali ” ?? ..


But Today I Somehow Manage the Time For Sharing My Honest Reviews About The Brand “My Fig-o-honey” & Their Products , as I can’t stop myself doing the same..

So If You Guys Remember, Few Weeks Ago I Received these 3 Products from the Brand’s Side for MY Little Boy virat . ( FOR Use & Review )

Okey So Now When He is 2 years old , im gradually switching him to Cloth Diapers from Disposable ones , Till He Become Completely Toilet trained .

Cloth Diapers Are Eco – friendly , reusable, safer for the baby . It reduce baby’s exposure to harmful chemicals present in Disposable Diapers.

There Are Many Cloth Diapers Brands available in the Online market, But YEAH I find The perfect One I.e ” My Fig-o-honey ”

Their Range Of Cloth Diapers Comes in a variety of 21 gorgeous Cute Prints n colours where as 2 gorgeous Prints of Wet Bags.

Out Of Which , The Prints I Received Are :
1) Kite print Cloth Diaper .
2) Animal Print Cloth Diaper .
3) Emoji Print Wet Bag ..
Isn’t These Prints Are Too adorable for little Ones …. ????

Fig-o-honey Cloth diapers are made of soft, stay-dry fabric on the inside, to keep the baby’s Skin Dry .


So Let’s Talk About them One by one ,

& Yes All Things Good Definitely ⭐⭐ ??


Firstly The Information About The Brand :

My Figohoney Is A brand new cloth diapering company .
They deals in great quality cloth diapering popular & accessible for Indian parents.
Their Range consists of all new gorgeous prints in #pocketdiapers, #inserts and #wetbags at reasonable prices.


Below The Find the detailed description of the Diapers ⬇⬇ :


  1. Fig-o-honey Cloth Diapers Comes In A one-size pocket diapers Perfectly Fits From New born baby to Toddlers (4.5kg to 15 kg )
  2. They are reusable, eco-friendly & affordable .
  3. Each Product includes one cloth diaper and an absorbent insert.
  4. They’re waterproof, washable and the adjustable snap buttons allow the diaper to be adjusted to a growing baby, from a newborn to a toddler.


Its Special Features:

– Includes 1 cloth diaper + 1 absorbent insert ⭐

– Suitable for babies from 4.5 kg up to 15 kg ⭐
– Adjustable snap buttons for S/M/L sizes ⭐
– Waterproof, machine & hand washable, breathable ⭐
– Comfortable elastic on the leg sides ⭐
– Crossover snap buttons for smaller babies ⭐
– Hip snap buttons to prevent wing droop ⭐



Please Refer The Image Below To See How It Exactly Looks From Inside & Outside ⬇⬇⬇



Washing & Caring Instructions :

– Wash the diapers before first use. It takes a few washes to reach full absorbency. ✔

– For Soiled diapers: Knock solids in the toilet, rinse and store in a dry place. ✔ Machine or hand wash at max 35°C with a good quality detergent with no additives. No bleach, No softener, No hot water. Hang them in the sunlight to dry (acts as a natural bleach and disinfectant) or tumble dry on low. ✔

Please Visit The Page Of Their Official website For Complete & Detailed washing instructions ..

Click here for detailed wash & care instructions.


What Materials are used ???

– Outer printed layer: Polyester with waterproof and breathable TPU ✅
– Inner layer: Soft microsuede that wicks moisture away and keeps the baby’s bottom dry and is stain-resistant. ✅
– Insert: Absorbent 3-layer microfiber ✅

How To Fit A Cloth Diapers ?

Please Refer The Image Below Carefully ..



Now It’s Time For

Emoji Print Wet Bag :


  1. This wet and dry bag is a convenient way to store used cloth diapers on the go.
  2. Each bag contains two sections – a wet waterproof section and a zippered dry section.
  3. It comes with a loop handle for easy carrying.
  4. Keep your diapers in one bag, while keeping the dry and soiled diapers separate.
  5. The wet/dry bags are also great for storing wet swim clothes.

Its Special Features:

  • Waterproof & reusable ✅
  • Can carry about 5-7 cloth diapers ✅
  • Machine & hand washable ✅
  • Two zippered sections to keep wet and dry items separate ✅
  • Comes with a loop handle for convenience ✅
  • Light weight ✅
  • Also works well for swimming clothes ✅
  • Size: Approx 30 cm x 36 cm ✅


Prices Of Both :

The Cloth Diapers Retails For Rs. 446/- while Wet bags For Rs. 535/- & are Easily Available at their Official Website ..


But Yeah , Here a little surprise For all Mommies out here :
Use code FIRST100 to get Rs. 100 OFF on orders with minimum value Rs. 500 for your first purchase ..

Visit The Direct Link Below ⬇⬇⬇


I Hope You All Find My Review Helpful. So Do Like & Comment In The Box Below . N Share your thoughts also .

N Yes I’m Super Impressed By Their Speedy Deliver ..

So Guys Do Visit The Link Now & Order Some CDs For your little Ones as they are completely safe & Hygienic . They Can Even save Your Loads of money in Comparison to Disposable Diapers ..

Happy Shopping & happy cloth diapering Mummas !!?
Have A Fabulous Weekend.

Enjoy !!

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  1. I loved the flatlay. It’s amazing. Cloth diapers are so good for the environment and definitely saves a lot of money. Very pocket friendly and useful

  2. I wish the brand was available 3 years back when I needed these diapers. Also i liked the prints. They look like normal out wear 🙂

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