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Reviewed LOCKING BLOCKS By SKOLA TOYS – Sweet Sunshine Blog
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Hello Mommies ,

Hope you all are doing well..

In My Earlier Posts I Discussed The Two Major Blogs In Sponsor With “Skola Toys ” And That are :

1) Impact Of Toys In Child Learning .

Impact of Toys in Child’s development Process ! In Sponsor with Skola Toys !

2) Learning Journeys Designed As Play .

Learning Journeys designed As Play ,Feat. Skola toys !!

I Hope You All Read Them & Find It Useful For Better Learning Of Your Kids.

Today I’m Sharing With you Guys My Honest Reviews About The Product , the Brand Send Us For Review.

So Friends, We recieved This Set Of Locking Blocks. Suitable For Ages 5+ .


This Toy Is The Stage 4 Of Their ” Journey Through Patterns ” That Enable Finest Learning .

What’s Inside ???

This Elegant Skola Doodle Box Contains :

1) 16 Interlocking Chunky wooden dyed jigsaw blocks :

  • 4 Red
  • 4 Yellow
  • 4 Blue
  • 4 Green

2) Awooden tray to hold the blocks (Size of wooden tray with pieces: 26 cm x 26 cm x 2 cm )

3) A detailed instruction manual.

Detailed Review Of The Locking Blocks :



About The Toy :

OUR little skolars have to InterLock the wooden pieces into one another in the correct sequence to solve and complete the puzzle, Given in the box .

This creative jigsaw puzzle is fascinating for children who lock each piece together by trial and error till they realise the colour pattern on the puzzle. Once they manage to do so, they find it more fun to repeatedly dismantle and rearrange the blocks.

As children analyse and retain the shapes’ attributes and match the pieces together to make the complete picture, they use sequencing and deduction which develops overall logical reasoning. Building with jigsaw blocks of different shapes gives children an insight on various aspects of geometry. Since the shapes are both symmetric as well as non-symmetric, there is an understanding of direction as well.


Children love to explore and create new patterns with these jigsaw blocks. This enhances their creative and thinking ability. Inserting the jigsaw blocks in one another helps children develop fine motor skills and fosters dexterity.

Once children have learnt to apply their knowledge of identifying and creating patterns in a linear manner, they are ready to try and do the same with more complex patterns.


How To play This Jigsaw ?

Their Can be two activities to be play with this Jigsaw .

Activity 1) Jigsaw Trial & Error :

Locking_Blocks2_1024x1024@2x (1)

Take the pieces out & show the child how to connect the blocks by placing the extension into its complementary pair and creating patterns.

Ultimately the child has to fit all the blocks into the square for it to go back to its tray. Initially children may end up creating long patterns by randomly connecting all the blocks. This is a great exploratory and creative activity for them.

Activity 2) Jigsaw Based On Colour Patterns :


Take Out all the Pieces. Show your child how to sort by colour. Then show them how to solve. So if you have a red , it will be surrounded by green, yellow and blue. No colour touches itself in the block, so children start configuring patterns now on the basis of shape and colour.

Price Of The Product :

This Set Is Priced At Rs. 845/- & Are Easily available at their Official website.. Find the Direct Link Below ???


HOW this Journey Through Patterns CAN be Helpful ?

By identifying and pairing objects that are specifcally arranged, solving picture puzzles and distinguishing the objects that break sequences, children comprehend simple and abstract patterns. This journey is one that directly leads to logical reasoning, problem solving and visual discrimination skills.
Significance Of These Toys & What Skills Will be Developed for your child ?? :

1) It keeps the little hands busy with a sequence of blocks that go from Locking with one hand to complex manipulation using two hands helps children gradually build fine motor skills, and enables them to use their hands capably for daily tasks.

2) Children Love To Explore and create new patterns with these Blocks. This enhances their Creative and thinking ability..
3) Using Shape as an attribute in these jigsaw blocks gives children an insight on various aspects of geometry. Since the shapes are both symmetric as well as non-symmetric , there is an understanding of direction as well.
4) It Helps in pattern sequencing. A children analyse and retain the shapes attributes and match the pieces together to make the complete picture, they are sequencing and deduction which develops overall logical reasoning.
P.S : My Younger Son Also Wants To Play these along With her elder Brother. ??


Now the Detailed Information About The Brand :

Skola Toys .

Its a Banglore Based toy Brand Which aims In Spreading Learning Journeys Designed As Play

Their Exciting range of toys for children of age 1, 2, 3 4, 5, 6, 7 years focussed on gross motor, sensorial, language, mathematics, science, cognition & creative skills.

They Create toys which helps the child to play independently, build confidence, enhance fine motor skills, provide avenues for creativity while enabling the child to experience various aspects of dimensions.

They have a wide variety of wooden educational toys to choose from which are equally fun and meaningful !

Starting From Ages 1-7 , They Guys can cover all our needs ..

Skola Toys create opportunities for your child to acquire, practice and gradually perfect new skills. Young children achieve milestones across the cognitive, fine motor, gross motor, language and social-emotional domains, and different toys encourage development in one or more of these developmental areas.


For More Information You Can Easily visit their Official website . Find the direct link below ???

Instagram Account :

Facebook Page :


Enable their future generations to play, explore and discover through Learning Journeys Designed As Play..

Do Check out The Entire Range . Im sure their is something for every child according To his / her taste ..

My Honest Verdict :

Im Very Thankful to The brand for taking this Spectacular Initiative ??Kudos to The Team .


Mommies Do Order Some Toys For Gifting , This Diwali Season & Make Your Child More Happy.


GIFT Them a Life to remember..

& Enjoy Free Shipping Too..

I hope You all find this post helpful . So do like & Share your Thoughts as well in the comments section below ??


N Share Share Share As Sharing Is Caring ??


Have A Fantabulous Week Ahead ..

N Do take Care of yourself and your little ones ..

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    these toys are interesting, interactive and fun to play with while learning.

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    I am really in love with skola toys.. this one is too good to develop colour identifying skills in kids!

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    Skola toys are really helpful in keeping kids occupied in a healthy way. The blocks look interesting even to me hehe

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    Omg this is one of the really good toys from them! Will surely look forward to getting them for my kids! ??

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    Last christmas i gifted a skola toy to my nephew.. he absolutely loved it.. they make high quality well researched toys

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    They have made it like the puzzle and it will definitely keep the kids occupied for awhile. Going to order these soon.

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    Looks like a great toy! My child loves to play puzzles! He might enjoy this.

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    Toys that teach. Skola has been coming up with brilliant toys. My kiddo too loves puzzles and this looks interesting.

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    I love toys which increase creativity in kids and them away from the screen for a while. I have read a lot about this brand about time I should buy something for my toddler 🙂

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    I’ve heard only good things about Skola toys and their usefulness in teaching kids.

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    I love Skolas range of learning toys. Will definitely be getting this one for my boy when he is older.

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