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Health Is Wealth … You All Must Be Agreed …

” A Healthy Outside Starts From The Inside ”

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This Is Truely & beautifully said quote by the Author .

What we consume will makes us Healthy from inside .

Health is of paramount importance, but many people do not make eating well and exercising a priority until their health deteriorates. You must live in a balanced to maintain the Healthy living.

If you eat right, your skin, hair, nails will look good. The same if you have negative thoughts they can give you a bad look too. We reflect what we eat and think.

So Be Smart , Eat Smart .

So Today I’m Introducing To You all The smart way to eat & also to maintain healthy living.

These are The Healthy “Super Foods” By Sorich organics !!


Information About The Brand Sorich Organics :

Sorich Organics is an ISO 9001:2008, HACCP and FSSAI certified company deals in natural, organic and in-conversion to organic products.
From the farms to your kitchen, they are committed to ensure that their herbs, spices, nuts, seeds and all other superfoods are grown naturally & processed without any preservative in an ethical and sustainable manner to deliver high quality & long-lasting shelf life seasonings, spice-mix & superfoods.
They work directly with growers to offer natural, finest quality herbs and spices for all our needs and by sourcing the highest-quality Indian herbs and spices directly from the most efficient growers and farms. They make sure to experience the freshness, delicate aromas, flavors, and authenticity that contribute to the goodness of natural product.

They Sent Me A Healthy Hamper Which Consists Of 10 Healthy Organic Products !


So let’s talk about them One by one . The First product Is a Pack of
1) Pumpkin Seeds ✅


Pumpkin seeds are consumed for their richness in iron and magnesium among various other minerals and proteins.

These seeds are usually stir- fried for their use in vegetables. They can be sprinkled in soups and your favourite salads and smoothies.

This Pack priced at Rs. 149/- for 100 gms .

2) Sunflower Seeds ✅

Screenshot_2017-11-09-22-32-31Sunflower seeds are often considered a healthy companion of your snacks as they prevent thyroid. They also prove to be a powerful anti oxidant and a potent source of magnesium.

These seeds are known for being topping and sprinkler on food . They are more often consumed with breakfast and sprinkled on fruit smoothies.

Sunflower seeds are powerhouse of antioxidants. It majorly balance chcholesterol. It’s excellent source For heart health.

This Pack priced at Rs. 149/- for 100 gms .

3) Flax Seeds ✅


Flax seeds are excellent for heart health.Low on carbs.

It ensure the Safety of our heart in a natural and healthy way as they prevent heart attack and strokes. These seeds are the major source of Omega 3 and drastically improve your mineral intake.High on minerals. Loaded with Antioxidants .

This Pack priced at Rs. 90/- for 100 gms .

4) Chia Seeds ✅


Chia seeds take of our heart and it’s health.  These seeds are an excellent skin repairer which help in combating signs on aging on your skin.  It’s a great source of minerals.

Soak the seeds in water for few minutes & can also be used as sprinklers or toppings on Shakes or salads . Can also be used in baking .

This Pack priced at Rs. 149/- for 100 gms .

5) Gond Katira ✅

Screenshot_2017-11-09-22-31-41Gond katira keeps the body cool and prevents you from having heat strokes. It is tremendously used for emulsifing and stabilizing puposes.

This should ,ideally, be first soaked in water for a few hours and then used. It is majorly used in India for sweets and can be consumed directly and mixed in vegetable curries and drinks after soaking.

This Pack priced at Rs. 150/- for 100 gms .

6) Halem Seeds ✅


Halem seeds majorly improve menstrual health and indigestion. One of the oldest cultivated seeds, halem seeds also help in hair loss treatment and boosting immunity . These seeds can be eaten raw and roasted before eating. They are peppery and aromatic .hence, used with salads and vegetable curries .

This Pack priced at Rs. 149/- for 100 gms .

7) Raw Hemp Seeds ✅


Raw Hemp seeds are generally considered as one of the oldest and most versatile crops. It is a natural blend of Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids & Vitamin E .

Can be Eaten raw or roasted & also ground to be mixed in the food .

This Pack priced at Rs. 149/- for 100 gms .

8) Quinoa ✅


The Quinoa is majorly consumed for its dietary fibres and minerals such as iron,zinc and magnesium. Quinoa also helps with food digestion. It can be taken in breakfast or can be mixed in salads.

You can have quinoa in a roasted form or also cook it as a side dish. It can be ground and mixed in food too.

This Pack priced at Rs. 149/- for 100 gms .

9) Juniper Berry ✅

Screenshot_2017-11-09-22-34-49Being used and admired for their anti microbial antifungal nature, Juniper berries are mainly consumed to increase vitamin C level of the body. They are also known for detoxification.

Juniper berries can be ground and crushed before their use. They can also be soaked and are generally used to spice up salads, stews and vegetable curries.

This Pack priced at Rs. 149/- for 100 gms .

10) Poppy Seeds ✅

Screenshot_2017-11-09-22-34-12Poppy seeds are free from narcotic properties. They improve your bowel health drastically and contains fatty acids. These seeds are widely used as sprinklers on ice-cream, sauces, soups and fruit shakes. They also add flavors to various breads.

This Pack priced at Rs. 149/- for 100 gms .

My Final Verdict :

I Find THESE ALL Products, The PERFECT INGREDIENTS FOR #healthyliving ?

These Seeds Tastes yum & are now the essential ingredients for my breakfast .

These Products Are Raw in nature ,100% Pure VEGETARIAN & are free from Harmful Chemicals ..

So A 5 Star Rating from Myside ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ..

Check Out Their Whole Range Of Health Products from Their Official Website

. .
Or Order directly from Amazon

Direct Link Below ⬇⬇⬇

Guys Do Order these super foods For yourself and your family & Thank Me Later . ?

I’m Sure you’ll going to love it..

Keep munching & Shine On !! Happy Weekend Guys !! ⭐⭐⭐

I Hope You All Find My Review Helpful.

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So bye for now..

Have a Fabulous Weekend Ahead !! Enjoy & Live A Healthy Life !!

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  • Charu Chhitwal says:

    Wow so many of super foods Inder one umbrella. This is awesome

  • Minakshi bajpai says:

    I agree that what we eat that makes us healthy. So we should eat as healthy as possible to keep fit and fine. These super foods packs seems best healthy options.

  • viharin says:

    These seeds are good for health. Thanks for sharing this useful information

  • Priyanka Patwari says:

    Maintain healthy lifestyle is much needed.. Thanks for sharing the amazing post

  • The Kardashian Clan says:

    These super foods look awesome. Looking forward to to put them in my diet soon.

  • freemindtree says:

    We Indians eat many things but super food like these are fast catching up. I like the variety Sorich has to offer.

  • umadevicoffeetabletalks says:

    This is such a excellent source for health

  • Nisha Malik says:

    The brand has a nice range of superfoods. I would like to try flax seeds from the brand.

  • myteenytot says:

    Wow !! Such healthy food. Thanks for sharing

  • ghazala786 says:

    Nice and detailed post, I have tried Sorich Organics products, they are good and a healthy option then regular foods.

  • Reetu says:

    Swarm of superfoods from one brand! I would love giving these a try…particularly the hemp and flax seeds..

  • makeupadda1 says:

    This brand is new for me but all the products looks affordable I am gonna order soon

  • Neha Sharma says:

    This post is on time, I was looking for some of these seeds to be introduced into my son’s diet as winters are here. Will definitely try this brand.

  • Papri Ganguly says:

    So many super foods! They definitely help us to stay healthy.

  • allaboutmommying says:

    That’s amazing to know about these many super foods ? such a healthy option.

  • jayshreebhagat says:

    Loved reading your so well written post… Thanx for sharing this

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    I totally agree with you…. These seeds are really good for health

  • Saakshi says:

    Wow! Love the super food collection! So healthy

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