Travel Essentials From “The Urby” !!

Hello Beautiful People,
Hope You All Are Doing Well.
Today I’m Talking About One Random Fact About Me .
*** This Mumma Loves Travelling. ***
& Travelling Should Never be done without an Amazing Travel Essentials.. ??
Agree Fellas ??
Going For An Outings Is My Passion.

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  • thehappymumma says:

    I love anything personalised. Will check them and place an order soon. Do they also do passport covers that are personalised?

  • Minakshi bajpai says:

    Just love to have personalised things. That Charlie wallet looks too gorgeous and of high quality. Specially like the gorgeous shade of wallet and golden name written on it.

  • prernasinha2000 says:

    Loved the classy wallet and the personalisation. Have marked it for my next purchase.

  • Charu Chhitwal says:

    The magnet money clip card wallet is lovely in that pink hue

  • alpanadeo says:

    We need these in our list when heading out. So many cards to carry and so little space ( we always feel short of space no matter how big our purse is..:-)) the pink wallet is just perfect to add some extra girly touch to our belongings.

  • Jiya B says:

    Such personalised items are a good thing to gift others. Thanks for sharing I got a nice idea to gift my hubby dear

  • mEaL tO tHe HeArT says:

    The quality of leather look genuine and love the colour and design

  • ghazala786 says:

    Nice post , personalizing travel products is a good idea, will check the store.

  • Preetjyot Kaur Mehra says:

    I just love personalised stuff. Love the quality of this brand. Will definitely check out their other collection.

  • nandanidatta says:

    The wallet looks really well designed. Heading to get one for myself

  • Jainsneha says:

    I love this personalised pass port holder

  • Mummasaurus says:

    The brands range looks very interesting. I like their name too.. Short and simple

  • jinalgada says:

    With good travel accessories our travel becomes so comfortable

  • dhanyasuresh says:

    I love personalised stuffs. All the products look classy and stylish. Wil definitely buy them

  • asoulwindow says:

    I like the design and the look. Such a useful product.

  • allaboutmommying says:

    This looks super chic and sleek. I loved the colour especially very trendy. I will definitely buy this one for our upcoming travel

  • Snigdha says:

    Wow, these are looking really great… I love the wallet, it is looking luxurious…

  • Rakhi Parsai says:

    I really like the idea of customised travel accessories and loved the red/marron wallet a lot.

  • Deevyanka Pawar says:

    I loved the colour of the wallet. Will look into this brand.

  • Anchal says:

    Loved the wallet. Will definitely check this out.

  • Neha says:

    Thanks for an honest review. I love personalized stuff! These travel essentials look awesome.

  • Gleefulblogger says:

    Oh I love the customized accessories. They look so good and stylish. Wish to have one such set for self too.

  • Tina Basu says:

    I love such personalized items. That wallet is very cute

  • priyadarshani panda says:

    loved the personalised passport holder i am definetly going to check this brand for that

  • Anisha Agrawal says:

    This personalized travell collection by urby looks super cool.. Need to check their range soon

  • tuggu.n.mommy says:

    These looks so good and geeting stuff personalised is something incredible. Thanks for sharing this

  • Sudhir Chauhan says:

    Super cool collection…….

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