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Play Shifu Wildlife Jeep Safari !!

Hello Mommies,

Hope You All are doing well..

Today I’m Reviewing This Amazing Wildlife Jeep Safari Box from Play Shifu ..

Shifu Wildlife Jeep Safari

This is A Mobile Based Innovative Learning game about Wild Animals !

The Best Way To Explore 20 terrestrial animals in Augmented Reality ..

Before I Write A Brief Review about this fun and Learning learning box , let’s Gain some knowledge about the Brand !

Detailed Information About The Brand Shifu :


This Is An Awesome Initiative Taken By the Young Passionate Parents Like Us.

They understood that learning in the early stage is centered around play and entertainment. Being tech enthusiasts as well, they explored Augmented Reality, an upcoming technology, as a promising tool for creating engaging methods of Early Learning.

Shifu brings the world of Augmented Reality right into your hands. It merges two great play traditions – physical and digital.

Designed by early childhood experts and parents, Shifu games for kids require an Android or iOS mobile or tablet to play with. These games are interactive, and take kids’ learning to the next level by arousing their curiosity to teach them words, meanings, pronunciations and spellings. The focus is on developing their cognitive skills and imagination through real world knowledge.

Bring home Shifu’s innovative kids games and educational games!These interactive tech toys and STEM games are bound to change the way your child perceives the world!


Experience Fun with Augmented Reality based educational games!

The Shifu educational games for kids,

Comes in 4 Categories :

Shifu Safari, Travel, Jobs, Space include – 60 beautiful and funards, tablet stand, pouch, activation code for app.


These Games are Suitable for age group 2-10 years.

It Works with all iOS and Android devices – mobiles and tablets.

It’s Special Features :

  • Minimum specifications of devices: 1GB RAM, Android OS 4.4 (Kitkat) or above, iOS 6.0 or above
  • Internet required only for one-time installation and setup, not for playing afterwards.
  • No Bluetooth required.
  • No in-app purchases.
  • All materials are child-safe and contain no electronics or wires.

What Your Child Will learn with Shifu ??

Shifu Augmented Reality Games Help Your Child in :

Exploration ?

Recognition ?

Memory ?

Visualization ?

Reasoning ?

Imagination ?

Creativity ?

Vocabulary ?

Problem Solving ?

Fine Motor Skills ?

Detailed Review About The Shifu Wildlife Jungle Safari :


The Box Contains :

1) 20 Animal Cards :


Bat, Bear, Butterfly, Chameleon, Cheetah, Dinosaur, Dragon, Elephant, Fox, Giraffe, Gorilla, Kangaroo, Lion, Ostrich, Panda, Peacock, Rhino, Tiger, Wolf, Zebra

2) Tablet / Mobile Stand

3) Activation Code For Free Shifu App


4) Free App Updates With New Features


Please Refer The Above Image Carefully !


Through its interactive approach, it teaches your child 20 different animals that inhabit the earth, right on the table or in your child′s hands. Watch them amazed as they learn and have fun!



How To Play Shifu Wildlife ??

  • Go to Google Play Store Or Apple app store and Search ” Shifu “
  • Install and activate The Free Shifu App ( It’s Completely Free) With Activation Code Inside the Box
  • Place Device On Stand
  • Launch App On Your Mobile Device
  • Place Card in “Play area” to unfold The magic
  • Enjoy The Ride !


When the physical flash cards are scanned with the Shifu app, a live 3-dimensional animal comes on the screen. The kids can interact with this animal and learn about them.


Shifu Safari – one of the most innovative children games of 2016! A never experienced before game to explore the animal kingdom !

Tap the animals to see them scuttle or fly across the screen.



Changing The Way Kids Play & Learn

Shifu gives a 4-dimensional play experience to your child that is interactive and educational. Combines physical & digital worlds through Augmented Reality !

Animals In 3D :

Visualize the animal kingdom right on your mobile screen! Shifu Wildlife (Jeep Safari) has 20 terrestrial animal cards for a fun & learning play time.


As Soon As You Scan The Card To your Mobile Device , You Can The Animal In 3D. It Also Gives a Knowledge About Each animal To Your Child. The Game Contains :

1) ‘Feed Me’ Quiz

Learn what each Animal eats through an interesting Quiz.

2) Natural Habitat

Watch the animals in their natural habitat .

3) Distinctive Sounds

How Animals are making their distinct sounds.

3) Fun Spelling Game

Stretch your vocabulary through fun Spelling & Pronunciation game.



This Can Help Your child progress In Many ways :

Language Development

Learn spellings and pronunciations for each of the 60 animals in the set ⚽

General Knowledge

Develop an all-round knowledge about the animal kingdom ⚽


Develop skills like recognition and interpretation ⚽


Widens attention span by engaging in fun games and puzzles ⚽


Strengthens memory through interactive approach and 4d experience ⚽

Motor Skills

Develops hand-eye coordination in children by bridging the physical and digital words ⚽

Creativity & Imagination

Inspires creativity and imagination through the interactive approach ⚽


Encourages enquiry and promotes the thirst of discovery in your child ⚽

Ain’t We Mommies Always Feel happy When We can Bring A Smile on our Child’s Face. ??

He want To Flaunt The Picture With Play Shifu Wildlife Safari Box ????????


Price & Availability :

Priced At Rs. 399/- & Are Easily Available at Amazon Online Store & Their Official websites.. Do Check Links Below To Order !!

Official Website :

Direct Link To Amazon Store

Shifu Wildlife Jeep Safari With 20 Animals In 3D – For Kids Age 2-10 Yrs iOS & Android – Augmented Reality game 

Do Check out The Entire Range . I’m sure their is something for every child according To his / her taste ..

My Honest Verdict :

I’m Very Thankful to The brand for taking this Spectacular Initiative ?? Kudos to The Team ….

Me & My Kids Personally Love the experience & Will recommend this to All Parents. Coz Every Parent & Child Deserve The Best .

So A ????? Star Rating from Our Side ..

I hope You all find this post helpful . So do like & Share your Thoughts as well in the comments section below ⬇⬇


N Share Share Share As ” Sharing Is Caring ”? ??

Have A Fantabulous Day Ahead ..

N Do take Care of yourself and your little ones ..

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  • Sangeeta says:

    My niece has such games. She finds it fun and has learned a lot at the same time.

  • Mummasaurus says:

    we bought the playshifu travel and equalllly loved them!! very interesting game.

  • Priyanka patwari says:


  • nehajainu says:

    Nice game..i think kiddos would love to play

  • Varsh says:

    This looks so good and colourful. Will get it for my daughter. She will love it!

  • Charu Chhitwal says:

    Love the app, the pictures and the beautiful way you have reviewed this and highlighted the features

  • viharin says:

    Play Shifu as come up with innovative ideas to tickle kids mind and enhance their mental and other skills

  • worldofmakeupmagique says:

    This is totally fun filled and educational to… A great way of inculcating learning in kids

  • Nisha Malik says:

    It’s great that kids are getting face to face with the next generation technology at an early age. This AR based game looks very interesting.

  • nandanidatta says:

    This play box looks very good for children. They will enjoy !

  • Papri Ganguly says:

    Such an amazing and unique learning experience it gives.

  • Jhilmil says:

    Augmented Reality concepts are really catching up with kids zones and Play shifu is indeed coming out to be a leader. Great safari, hope your son loved it.

  • jayshreebhagat says:

    This looks like a very fun activity for kids and learning at the same time

  • anubhutisethmehn says:

    An excellent product. Innovative way of involving kids and making them learn while having some great fun. A must buy I say.

  • Dipika Singh says:

    Wow, I am for anything that keeps a child away from unnecessary joblessness. These augmented reality games seems the perfect answer to kill the extra time & learn in fun way.

  • priyadarshani panda says:

    play shifu is the best screen time i have given to my son till now loved your detailed r

  • anitapratapsingh says:

    Aapka beta to bahut cute hai ??
    Ye game to bahut hi accha hai ?? maine beti ko bataya hai, wo apne baccho k.liye legi , children me overall devlopment k liye aise aur game aana chaiye?
    Thanks for sharing dear ??

  • mahekg says:

    Have read about Shifu a lot. Will recommend to my friends

  • Niki says:

    Lovely blog ….such activities are so important for kids

  • pashminagirl says:

    This is such a great way to enhance a child’s motor skills and reasoning capacities and it seems super fun too

  • jhilmildsaha says:

    This is a very intetrsting game and will keep the kids engaged for better

  • preetjyotkaur says:

    Augmented reality is the next big thing now I must try playshifu soon.

  • Minakshi bajpai says:

    Seems nice and interesting game for kiddos to keep them bzee and playing with this game they can learn many things too. Like your detailed post on this amazing fun game.

  • jinalgada says:

    We avoid phones as he is just 15 months but this a smart way of using the phone

  • Amrita says:

    Shifu app looks adorable.Colourful and educational app just right for my little one.Will check this out.

  • numerounity says:

    This sounds an amazing recommendation.

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