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We all know that Basic cleanliness is absolutely necessary for the existence of a person, to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Negligence of personal hygiene can subject a person to infections and diseases.

Better to Just Stay out of such harmful diseases to avoid life threatening problems lately !

& When it comes to feminine hygiene, it’s important for women of all ages to be very meticulous and consistent with maintaining the cleanliness.

The Correct Way is to choose better Products for ourselves. ??

So Today I’m Introducing One Personal Hygiene Brand To You All who deals in all things good .

Few Weeks Ago I received these bunch Of Lifestyle Products from

So Today I’m here to give a detailed review about all these products which I received but firstly gain some information about the brand Bella ! Many of you are already aware of the brand.

Those who don’t know about it , please read below ⬇⬇ carefully !

Information About The Brand :

Bella is the European brand specially formulated to give the exceptional comfort combined with discretion.

The comfort is provided by few unique features available in India for the first time.

Bella India is the leading manufacturer and supplier of sanitary napkins, baby diapers, adult diapers and all hygiene products, cosmetic products, medical devices for the global market.

Now The Products I Received :


I Received Three Full sized Products & three sample sized products to test, try and review.

So let’s talk about them one by one !


1) Bella Cotton pads :


These Cotton pads from Bella contains Natural Aloe Vera extract to moisturize and soothe irritations. These are Made of 100% clean, soft and natural cotton fibres.

It’s Special Features :

  • Delicate for all skin types ✅
  • Recommended for cosmetic and hygienic use ✅
  • Ideal for make -up removal ✅
  • Perfect for baby care ✅
  • Handy pack with strings at the top to  hang in the bathroom ✅


2) Bella Panty Liners :


Bella Panty Intima presents the unique line of the only panty liners in many sizes. These Panty liners are designed for daily use, ideal to protect underwear against white discharges, perfect for light flow during first and last days of period, can be used alongside with tampons as additional protection in case of leakages.

It’s Special Features :

  • 100% cotton cover is exceptionally delicate, soft and natural ✅
  • Air breathable materials let the skin breathe and protect against skin irritations ✅
  •  Just 1 mm thickness and Increased absorption for better security  ✅
  • White flowers extract – natural herbal extracts of rose, jasmine and daisy gives smoothness and softness ✅


3) Bella Sanitary Pads :

Bella deals with the only breathable ultrathin sanitary napkins in India which are Specially Recommended for active women who praise comfort, discretion and security.

It’s Special Features :

  • Air Breathability is the unique feature of Bella feminine care products which ensures proper air circulation for comfort and protection against skin irritations ✅
  • Silky Drai top sheet – innovative netting provides a great feeling of dryness ✅
  • Leakage Control System – unique formula based on magic gel technology ✅
  •  Recommended for day time and regular flow ✅

Bella India deals in wide range of Sanitary napkins for Women. In all sizes and designed according to the comfortness of one’s needs !


4) Bella Feminine Wash Sensitive :

Bella Delicate feminine wash is formulated for daily hygiene of intimate areas with the usage of water !

It’s Special Features :

  • Recommended by gynaecologists to maintain proper skin condition and natural bacterial flora in intimate area ✅
  • Physiological pH doesn’t damage the natural bacterial flora of intimate areas what results in protection from infections ✅
  • Very gentle ingredients with anti-irritating, soothing and regenerating properties
  • Enriched with D-panthenol – equivalent of vitamin B5 – with moisturizing and softening properties ✅
  • Enriched with Allantoin to reduce skin irritations, moisturize and improve the texture of skin ✅


5) Bella Happy Baby Disposable Diapers :

Bella Baby Happy Diapers are of highest quality & are 100% breathable. 

It’s Special Features :

  • Diaper Rash Free System keeps your baby’s skin healthy. ✅
  • Magic gel, skin friendly – latex and chlorine free technology protects baby’s skin against and allergic reactions.

Comes in all sizes from S to XL & are price affordable too. Provide extreme comfort to out little ones .

Availability :

Bella Hygiene Products are available across all leading online and offline stores !


My Final Verdict :

I Personally liked all the products sent by the brand and already recommend to many of my friends and family.

You know What’s Special about Bella Products ???

All their products are Dermatologically tested and appreciate our comfort and security. ✅✅

Bella offers the highest quality products for female hygiene at an affordable rate. Made with international European standards that suit almost every kind of Indian skin.

Check The Entire Bella Range here !

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I’m Sure You Guys Will also appreciate the products For Sure & Will definitely Thank me Later. ??

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    These are some great products from Bella. You’ve reviewed them well. Shall give them a try.

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    The products are very necessary. I have heard good things about these before also

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    Products seem promising! Bella seems like a great brand!

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