How To Keep Your Skin, Hairs & Body Healthy During Monsoons ?

Happy Monsoon Guys ??

It’s Must Be The Most Favourite And Enjoyable Season Of All.

Right ?? ??

But Eventually, Monsoon Calls For An UnNoticeable Changes to our Skin, Hairs & Body. We need to take extra care and attention towards it.

Monsoon Often be regarded as most unfavourable time for overall health and well-being. By incorporating some minor changes in our daily skin, hair & body care routine we can help keep ourself fresh, fit, healthy and glowing during.

Today I’m Sharing With you, Some simple remedies to treat your Skin, Hairs & Body better In Monsoons !


Firstly we Talk About,

1) Magical Tangy Tomatoes : 

It makes your skin and hair look better. The vitamin A found in tomatoes works to make skin and hair strong and shiny.

For Hairs : Apply a mixture of tomato puree and curd on your scalp and hair for 15 minutes and see it work wonders!

For Skin : Apply a mixture of tomato puree and honey on your skin for 5 minutes. It gives instant sheen to your skin and it also acts as a natural bleach.


2) Power Of Turmeric :

Turmeric is a powerful spice with an impressive list of uses & benefits. It’s known for its antioxidant content & ability to work as an anti-inflammatory.

Below Find The Amazing DIY’s of Turmeric Powder

A) DIY Facial Mask ( For Stunning Glow , Treats Acne & Helps in Removing Acne scars) :

-1 tea Spoon Of Turmeric Powder

– 1 tea Spoon milk powder

– 1 tablespoon Gram Flour

– 2 to 3 drops of sweet almond oil

– 2 Tea Spoon Rose Water
Mix all the ingredients Well , Apply it all over your Face & neck . Leave it for 15-20 minutes & wash it with cold water .

b) DIY Facial Mask ( For Refreshed & flawless, radiant skin )

– 1 cucumber (peeled and grated)
– 2 tbsp of Aloe Vera gel
– 1 tea Spoon Turmeric Powder
– 1 tea Spoon Coconut / Sweet Almond oil .
Make a thick blend and apply it uniformly on your face, let it dry for 20 minutes and wash it off with plain cold water.

C) Turmeric Milk ( Helps In Giving Glow & Fights Cold, Cough & Flu )

-1 Glass Warm Milk
– 1/2 Tea Spoon Of Turmeric Powder

Blend It Well & Drink This Glass of Goodness Daily Before Bedtime . Beneficial For Little Ones Too.

D) DIY Ubtan For Face & Body ( brings glow & Removes Facial hair’s ) :
–  1/2 Tea Spoon Turmeric powder
– 2-3 table Spoon Gram flour – 4-5 Drops Of Mustard oil/almond oil – Water as per the consistency.

Prepare a Soft dough by combining all the ingredients. Gently rub This Dough in opposite direction to remove facial hair.

There are Many More Other Amazing Benefits Of using Turmeric to your day-to-day Life. Use any one of these & Feel the Difference during Monsoons For Some Incredible Results.


3) Exfoliation Is Must :

Invest In Some Good Exfoliating Products Today & Your Skin will thank you for it Tomorrow. This Golden rule is also to be applied even its cloudy outside. Your skin deserve Some TLC during rainy days as well.

Try this, Magical Exfoliating Scrub Recipe Using Some Simple Kitchen Ingredients to exfoliate your skin during Monsoons.

Take 1 table spoon of Finely blended Almond powder, 1/2 tea spoon of Kashmiri Honey, few drops of JOJOBA/Avacoda/Sweet Almond oil , Mix all together well with Pure Rose Water. Make A Thick Paste !

Apply this Mixture On Your face n Gentley massage for 5-7 mins in circular motions and Heart Shape strokes.

It Helps In Gentle Exfoliation , buffs away all the dead skin, gives hours of moisturisation to skin , soothes ichty-dry skin, gives healthy nourishment to the skin & gives you Incredible glow to your face. Now You Are Ready To Enjoy The Soft , Smooth & Glowing Skin. 


4) Regular Oiling To Your Hairs :

Hair Doesn’t Make The WOMAN , But Good Hairs Definitely helps. Regular Oiling & Massaging is the Most Effective Treatment That We can Gift To our hairs.

Give your hairs the much-needed TLC with a Blend Of These 3 Best Hair Oils.

Mix 1/2 Portion of Coconut oil Along with 1/4th portion of Castor oil + 1/4th Sesame Oil ( Quantity As per the Length & Volume of your hair’s )

Leave the oil overnight on your Hair’s or 1 Hour Before Shampooing & After That Gentley Wash your Hairs With Your Favourite Shampoo. (Optional: The oil Can be lukewarm by slightly heating it.)

Result : It will Strengthen & Nourishes Your hairs , gives that perfect sheen & lustre , helps in preventing greying & prevents hair fall too.


5) Intake Of Vitamin C :

Vitamin C is an antioxidant which supports immunity protection from free radicals & growth and repair of body tissues.

Therefore Vitamin C must be present in the diet. Many fruits and vegetables contain high amounts of Vitamin C. Dietary sources rich in Vitamin C include citrus fruits, peppers, broccoli, strawberries, Brussels sprouts, kiwi, tomatoes, and potatoes.

I Suggest Do include these brightly coloured fruits and vegetables in your diet daily.

6) Sipping Some Hot beverages :


The immunity level of our body becomes very low during monsoon. There are several infections taking place in the body which lead to number of diseases.

The best way to boost immunity during Monsoons is by sipping some soups like tomatoes and mix – vegetables ,by sipping some green, wellness or herbal teas.

My Current Favourite is Cardamom turmeric tea Wellness Infusion Tea from TE-A-ME. 


It’s the perfect way to detox our body with its active blend of golden turmeric, rich Indian spices, and fruity orange peel. TE-A-ME cardamom turmeric spice tea brings to you the restorative health benefits of a centuries-old recipe in the form of this wellness infusion.

Some Information About This Wellness Tea By TE-A-ME :

TE-A-ME cardamom turmeric spice tea brings to you the restorative health benefits of a centuries-old recipe in the form of this wellness infusion.

It’s Special Ingredients :


The Hero ingredient of this Tea is Turmeric which is packed with antioxidants that flush out toxins and sustain life’s majestic flow, while spices like cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, clove, and black pepper are prized for their several preventative and curative properties. Containing these amazing ingredients, this golden turmeric spice tea blend detoxifies, improves immunity and keeps various chronic diseases at bay.

I Hope You Find My Remedies Helpful. Do Leave Your Thoughts in the comments section below. And Do Spread The Word !

Lastly, I’m Thanking To Our Prime Sponsor TE-A-ME & To Our Wonderful Hosts

Sayeri from and Jhilmil from For having this Fun Monsoon Carnival for all of us !

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  • Alpana Deo says:

    I am going to try the oil mixture that you have mentioned. I have coconut and castor oil at home.
    Never used tomato but heard a alot about it.


    Some great health tips. I am going to show this to my husband.. to tell him the importance of turmeric in our lives 😀

  • Swarupa Panda says:

    Hey!! This post is very helpful and important for monsoon.

  • Sangeeta says:

    I love drinking green tea and Turmeric milk during monsoons. Not only does it refresh me but it also boosts immunity and prevents me from falling sick.

  • Priyanka Patwari says:

    This is definitely the best tips to stay healthy glowing in this monsoon.. Turmeric is really a great option for skin..

  • Dipika Singh says:

    Monsoon care of skin and hair is utmost important, and thank you for sharing such a helpful list. Many of us do not consider oiling hair much during monsoons due to stickiness, glad you pointed that out.

  • Sinduja says:

    Wow I did not know that tomatoes are good for hair and skin. Vitamin A dosage going to be on track from now on

  • Anita Singh says:

    Great tips ?? lakin tomatoes main shyad use na karu kyunki coloured hairs shyad fade ho jaye, baaki skin per to wow hai ??
    Hair oiling avoid karti thi per ab jarur karungi ?

  • Mrinal Kiran says:

    Thank you for the hair care tips! I was having a hard time managing my hair! 😛

  • Disha says:

    Great tips and best part is all the items are easily available in our homes. Will try the tomato for sure.

  • Sayeri says:

    Tomato works good on hair? Didnt know this fact. But ya Turmeric has so many benefits. I will follow your skin exfoliation DIY pack.

  • Tina says:

    monsoon can create a havoc on hair specially. My hair gets frizzy in the monsoon! I love these tips you have mentioned. The tea looks promising too.

  • Jhilmil D Saha says:

    I seriously needed to know about hair care for monsoona. The hair is at its worst condition this time.

  • Paresh Godhwani says:

    Some really cool tips for skin and health during monsoon. That DIY face mask recipe with turmeric powder was amazing.

  • Tina says:

    monsoons can be very difficult on the hair and skin.My hair gets so frizzy! These are nice tips to follow in monsoon.

  • Khushboo says:

    These are some great tips for monsoon. Will try out the mask it looks great for skincare.

  • Reetuparna Saha says:

    Such a helpful post for the monsoons. Particularly those amazing diy recipes. And yes, song on hit beverages in monsoons it’s a must for me!

  • Gurjeet Chhabra says:

    You rock baby, so useful tips for happy beautiful skin even in rainy season. I will try for sure

  • zainab says:

    Thanks for sharing some tips with turmeric. And, green tea is best. It has amazing properties.

  • Aritra Chakrabarty says:

    Great tips. Monsoon makes our skins susceptible to infection n hence I think Turmeric as suggested by you, will be really useful.

  • Saba says:

    These are really some helpful tips. I am going to try them all

  • Siddhi says:

    Thoroughly researched post plus all these tips and recipes are for the better of the reader. Will check out this infusion tea

  • Akanksha says:

    Thanks for sharing these tips. Both our skin and body suffers during monsoon. Turmeric is such a natural saviour. Great post x

  • Directingdreams says:

    Indeed amazing tips for monsoon. And Teame teas are amazing.. i love them.

    Keep Writing!!!
    Yogita Joshi

  • Alexx bloom says:

    Saviour of my hair this article is i was feeling down because my hair is falling really badly

  • Varsh says:

    I’m going to try the tomato hair pack for sure. This post is so helpful for everything. I oil my hair regularly and will use this combination you’ve mentioned next time.

  • Jhilmil Bhansali says:

    I loved this diy facial mask, simple and effective, will try soon.

  • Princy says:

    these are some wonderful, handy and simple tips that can be used. i will pass on these tips to all my mom friends

  • Rohini says:

    I normally don’t face too much trouble for my hair and skin during monsoons. But this time, I’m having terrible hair fall and very dull skin. Look forward to trying out some of your tips.

  • Aditi says:

    I love monsoon but skin gt weird in monsoon. Like the tips. And sipping green teas is awesome idea. I love green teas.

  • Nimisha Arora says:

    Such an informative post, glad I landed to your page

  • Jasmeet Kaur says:

    I agree our skin and hair does need special care during monsoons. Such lovely tips, I am definitely trying out the DIY mask with turmeric.

  • AuraOfThoughts MeenalSonal says:

    Your tips include all common ingredients of kitchen, that makes these DIY more doable. Shall try most of them. Thanks for sharing timeless tips Monika 🙂

    MeenalSonal from AuraOfThoughts

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