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Flame test Mother Sparsh Baby wipes

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So As you all know that using baby wipes are something very essential for our Little ones to keep them stay clean, fresh, dry and moisturised all day long.

Most of the ordinary baby wipes available in the market are made of Polyester Fabric which can cause rashes to our baby’s delicate skin, further can causes skin diseases.
The Major Component In Ordinary Baby Wipes Is Polyester (water repellent) made of plastic waste and often treated with plenty of chemicals.

Recently I Came Across Brand Mother Sparsh. They had Relaunced their new version of 98% water baby wipes made of 100% Viscose biodegradable fabric.

Some Different Features of Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes :

1) 98% Water Presence in these baby wipes which are Hypoallergenic with pH Balanced pure water.

2) Natural Plant Made Fabric With 0% Polyester.
3) 100% Biodegradable (100% Viscose).
4) These wipes are Clinically Proven to prevent rashes.
5) Velvet Soft & Smooth Fabric With No Parabens And Alcohol.
6) They are As good as cotton & water made of Skin Friendly Natural Fabric.
8) Smells Very Pleasant, gives calming effect which helps in sound sleep & leaves no sticky residue after.
9) Loaded With the Goodness Of Aloe Vera & Vitamin E which further provide nourishment to their skin.
10) Price friendly, Retails only for Rs. 195/- For 80 usable delicate sheets.

So To Prove the Efficiency And Quality of the fabric, I’ll be performing a flame test today which had proved that these wipes are the purest and safest for our baby’s delicate skin.

Flame Test : Ordinary Baby Wipes versus Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes :

So I am taking first a baby wipes from a very popular brand, Obviously I won’t disclose a name here. I am burning it from the corner. So as you can see it catches the fire very quickly and it really smell very bad. The wipes turns out hard like plastic, leaves ashes after burning, which can be very unsafe for babies.

Now I am taking a 98% water baby wipes from Mother Sparsh.

I am burning it from the corner. It does not catches the fire very easily. And also the smell of burning it is not at all bad now. The fabric is still soft after burning with zero residue.

So It Is now proved that these wipes are the purest and safest for the baby’s delicate skin !
So Guys, the choice is yours.

My advice is to recognise the best feature in baby wipes first I.e it’s Quality ( whether the wipes are made of 100% Biodegradable Viscose Fabric), then to choose the best water based wipes like Mother Sparsh ones to enhance.

Whatever we use for our Little ones has to be of good quality, that’s Imperative.

You Mommies, can also check the entire range of Mother Sparsh

baby products available across all Leading Online & Offline Stores.

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  • shaandaarjenie says:

    This is really so good wipes for babies. No residue, no smell of flames when tested. Quite informative.

  • Humaira says:

    Amazing and beautiful post. Mother Sparsh is the trusted brand. Mother Sparsh baby wipes are best for the soft and delicate skin of kids. Great thoughts.

  • Jiya says:

    I never heard of Flame test this is something unique and this proves that its best for babies as no harmful chemicals are there.

  • Gunjan says:

    These look like a great wipe and that test proved it right

  • U K says:

    The flame test is the best way to determine this one. A very well written post.. 🙂


  • RIDDHI JHALA says:

    Mothersparsh wipes are indeed amazing! They are safe, gentle & perfect for babies!

  • Jiya says:

    I never knew this is the way to check the quality of whips. It is very nice. This brand is doing very nice and doing a great work.

  • Reetuparna Saha says:

    Passing the flame test proves how amazing these wipes are from Mother Sparsh. It ensures about the quality and what we get is what we were promised!

  • Siddhi says:

    I absolutely love these wipes. I trust this brand for my daughter.

  • Charu Chittwal says:

    Baby wipes are been used widely at a very huge level and using the right wipe is damn important for a kids health, thank you for sharing such an amazing blog will definitely share the same with my friends too

  • Geeta Advani says:

    beautifully written blog post. will check mother sparsh wipes soon ?

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