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Let’s Accept It: Best Baby Wipes By Mother Sparsh!

Motherhood Is Enchanting,
Motherhood is Merriment.
Motherhood is something which is beyond my Excitement. Something which is beyond my words to write and express.
Motherhood is to keep pouring the tender love and affection which is totally exhilarating.
Motherhood is to live with those tiny humans which are exclusively sent down to you from heaven.
Motherhood is to fix all the things from boo-boos to dinner and eventually realise how they grow up so fast.
Motherhood is Mother Ka Sparsh ” Mother Sparsh”
Being A Mother Of Two Notorious dudes, I always make sure to give them the best of what I can afford.
So if you guys are following my blogs from quite some time, you must be aware of How Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes are now became an integral part of our day-to-day lives.
Today I’m super excited to announce about The New launch of Mother Sparsh Water Wipes which are unscented and pure water wipes, exclusively meant for sensitive skin types babies & is made of very high quality medical-grade cloth.
These New Premium 99% waterwipes with Moisture Lock lid, especially suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin types, adds an extra layer of tender love and care for our precious flowers.
So Let’s Quickly talk about the detailed review of These New Launch Premium Baby Wipes .


It’s Special Features unlike other wipes available in the market are characterised below 👇

1. These wipes are Unscented/Fragrance free water wipes, makes it even safest to use on neonates/ infants.
2. Made with Medical-Grade Fabric, this cottony velvety cloth/fabric makes this baby wipes gentle to the most sensitive part of the baby.
3. It’s Extra thick fabric (3 times thicker than ordinary baby wipes) are specifically made with all natural plant based fabric ( 100% biodegradable), derived from plant pulp that makes it gentle for baby’s extra delicate skin and environment too.
4. Even Suitable to use for face, hand and mouth cleaning as these wipes does not contains any harmful chemicals like paraben, alcohol, phthalates, sulfates, artificial fragrances, petrochemical, chlorine, dyes, triclosan, etc.
5. Comes with a Moisture lock plastic lid packaging which ensures to provide a seal of moisture and goodness to the wipes inside till the end.
6. 99% water content in these baby wipes is such a boon for baby’s delicate skin which even prevents them from diaper rashes.
7. These water wipes does a bit for the environment too as they 100% natural and 100% biodegradable Wipes.
Being a responsible mother, I trust that Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes are simply the best and the safest option to use on my kids, that’s why I always rely upon their products.
I hope you all find this article helpful. I Will definitely recommend these baby wipes to all mommies present out here as they really are a boon for your child’s skin. After all we promise to always give them the best out of rest and we believe that every child should deserve the best.
So Mommies, Do let know your thoughts also in the comments section below if already tried these baby wipes or really wanted to try them.
Have a happy weekend ahead !

Comments (8)

  • Vartika Gakhar says:

    Heard a lot about these wipes lately, seems to be a really nice product.

  • Anahita Irani says:

    Sparsh is such a blessing for all moms. Fantastic product

  • Anita Singh says:

    Kaafi tym k baad comment kar pa rahi hu, mail k thru post per ja kar comment n share nahi ho pa raha hai, virus alert jaisa likh kar aata hai
    Abhi thi thru twitter comment possible hua hai

  • Zenia says:

    Such a wonderful product for all new moms! Now no more stress.

  • Pooja Budhiraja says:

    There is no doubt that mother sparsh have best wipes for babies.

  • jaideep khanduja says:

    i think these are the best water wipes technically and design wise available in the market.

  • Preety Tiwari says:

    Mothersparsh wipes are really amazing, I am too using it and these have superb quality of fabric.

  • Tina says:

    I liked this wipe too, very good quality cloth and all that is biodegradable.

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