Creating an account on Helo is Simple!

Creating an account on Helo is Simple: Here’s how you do it :

Once you’ve installed the Helo app on your Android/iOS device, you will need to create an account to experience all of Helo’s features. This piece is about how to create an account on the Helo app. The procedure to create an account is in a step-by-step process defined below.

Step 1. Open the homepage of the app and click on the icon placed at the bottom right corner. Doing so will take you to the ‘Sign Up’ page.

Step 2. On the page, the user will be given choices for signing up. There will appear two modes to sign up for Helo. One can either register their mobile number or choose their existing social media accounts from Facebook, Google, Twitter and TikTok for signing up.

Mode 1. Mobile Number

A) Enter mobile number and press next

B) Once the ‘next’ button is pressed, a four-digit verification code will be sent to the user’s mobile number for verification via text message. Meanwhile, the app will take the user to a new window where the user has to enter the verification code sent on the user’s mobile manually or the app will automatically detect and verify it.

However, there are times when the verification code fails to get delivered on the user’s phone due to network error. No need to worry, the user can also receive verification code through call. The user would have to click on the ‘Get voice verification code’ link placed just below the resend button. A computer-generated phone call will tell the four-digit verification code. The user just has to memorize the code and fill it in the boxes. The code will be repeated thrice for a better understanding and recall.

Once the user enters the code, the app will take a few moments to verify it and after that- voila, the account is created!

Mode 2. Social Media:

A) The user will need to select the social media account from the four options.

B) Helo India will verify the credential of the social media option the user selected. After checking the credential, the app will seek user’s permission to continue the account registration process with the name similar to social media that the user selected. The user will have to click on the continue button in blue color.

C) After that, the app will like to know the user’s Date of Birth (DOB), only to check their eligibility to view and create content on Helo. Enter your DOB and click on set.

D) A new page will appear, where the user will be asked to fill in details about their username and gender. Enter the details and click ‘Done’ to finish registration.

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