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Next Generation School – Bliss Edify!

Hello Sunshine’s, Hope you all are doing sound and safe.

We all believe that School life is the best life. 

Ain’t we?

This reminds me of a very well said Famous Quote by our honorable First Prime Minister Of India.

He said:

“There is no school equal to a decent home and no teacher equal to a virtuous parent.

– Mahatma Gandhi”

And we all believe the same way. 💚

So guys if you are searching for the One of the Best School in Pune City, Bliss Edify International School will be your first and the last choice I’m pretty sure.

BLiSS Edify International School offers a varied curriculum with a focus on learning rather than teaching. A curriculum that values questions above answers creativity above fact regurgitation, individuality above uniformity and excellence above standardized performance. 

Some important key features of this Best International School are listed below:

  1. One of very few schools in Pune offering foreign languages from Nursery onwards.
  1. The only school in Pune that offers day care at no cost.
  1. State of the art infrastructure with facilities for sports (swimming, skating, tennis, basketball), Dance, Drama and Visual arts as part of the curriculum subjects. 
  1. Technology integrated curriculum.
  1. You will find Students from different nationalities.
  1. Approaches to learning and teaching will change to accommodate the reality that every student in every setting will have a laptop making the new learning technologies as much a part of the learning scene as books have been since the advent of the education system.
  2. School with Self management, Unrelenting focus on learning outcomes, early literacy, Pastoral care, etc.
  1. They believe in Change in the emphasis from impersonal curriculum to exciting live exploration.
  1. School has no walls, for there are global learning networks and much of the learning that calls for students to be located at schools is becoming obsolete. 
  1. Subject boundaries will be broken and learning will be integrated across the curriculum as the new technologies become universal, challenging rigidity in curriculum and standard frameworks. 
  1. A school where a connection to learning is designed assiduously, made effective and sustained.
  1. Process oriented assessments are complemented with individual reports and feedback mechanisms on student learning progress.
  1. Schools and teachers have explicit strategies and approaches for teaching heterogeneous groups of learners.

For more information you can check their official website as well which will give you enough information.

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