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Hybrid Learning-A New Model for Education!

Online Learning has gained prominence since Covid. Schools and colleges had to quickly adapt to online learning due to lockdown. According to the World Economic Forum, approximately 1.2 billion children from 186 countries have been impacted by school closures due to the pandemic. 

Teachers realized that they have to play the role of facilitators and engage the students in online classroom. But are teachers prepared to teach online ? Are students really learning through online medium and online activities ? Contrary to popular belief, research says online learning is more effective and engages the students as well. 

Dr Eric Mazur . Harvard Professor has conducted experiments on a concept called “flipped classroom”. Which means that students are introduced to content and absorb learning content at home and practice working on it through discussions at school. The findings of the experiments are very encouraging.  

Mark Twain wrote “College is a place where a professor’s lecture notes go straight to the students’ lecture notes, without passing through the brains of either.”

This applies to school learning as well. Teachers instead of giving lectures are better teachers when they play the role of facilitators and leverage technology to introduce complex concepts to students so that students can learn at their pace. Personalized learning creates far better learning outcomes than one-size-fits-all approach to teaching. 

The challenge is to break the old myth that only face-to-face learning is the most effective learning solution. The answer to good education is to balance the old with the new.  Too much excess of anything isn’t desirable. Educational institutes and students both are tilting towards hybrid model of education. 

In my view, education models will evolve too. I created a hybrid learning program for employees in my organization which turned out to be successful. Employees could learn at their own pace and attend classroom sessions couple of times in a year. 

BYJU’S ‘Learning Solution’ for Schools in Partnership with Google is free to all participating educational institutions. There are 4 direct benefits of this Education initiative. 

  1. Students will gain free access to BYJU’s learning content which includes interactive video lessons, chapter-wise presentations, assignments, question banks, summary docs, preparatory tests, and solutions to previous year question papers 
  1. Live classes with Google meet.  Now taking online classes is no longer an issue. Schools will be able to conduct uninterrupted learning sessions with 100 students (all at once) in a modern and secure setup with an inbuilt Google Meet application. 
  1. A Google Classroom setup: An end-to-end classroom management tool to help teachers and students communicate, organize tests, upload home works, and track classroom learning.
  2. Google Workspace for Education:  A free Google Workspace for Education profile will be created for every teacher, staff, and student. They will also be provided with Google apps like Gmail, Docs, Sheets, and Slides, with 100 TB of pooled free cloud storage.

BYJU’s & Google initiative is a hope that no child is denied good quality education due to lack of access to books or good teachers. Education at scale is an established route to lift millions out of poverty and provide employment opportunities. I urge that policymakers in schools and in government to take a look at this education initiative and encourage schools to participate.

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