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As you all know the importance of online presence these days. It is no longer an option but a reality that we all cannot deny.

All businesses and customers worldwide are moving to digital platforms because of global pandemic.

And why not?

Each and everyone wants to have an Ecommerce website design,digital strategy and work through it to implement it. Most of the local brands are launching their products on digital platforms like websites, ecommerce portals, using digital PR and so on.

Today I’m here to make all your digital needs and ecommerce work very smoothly and fast.

Introducing : Digital PR World which is the Budget Brand Launch Agency in India with 15+ Digital Services in Kitty.

Digital PR world has launched a ‘brand and product launch package’ specially made for local and micro businesses so they can have their own brands over digital platforms including logo design, brand name, packaging ,launch and promotion. Different criteria are considered like, pricing, TG, USPs, quality etc. for the brand’s product launch and the creative route ensures shoppers get the product in the most positive manner.


Previous more than 16 years were awesome creating values for clients, agencies and products.The online PR in combination with digital marketing, marketplace promotions and digital transformation activities is going to be the next big thing in the coming days. Companies would look forward to using the digital marketing channels like social media, the paid media, and micro sites to promote their vision, beliefs, ethics.

Although organizations keep helping us with information. We put efforts only which are relatable. And we have good relations with clients from Guwahati,  Ranchi, Siliguri, Pune,  Kolkata & New Delhi.

None other than could offer this kind of brand or product launch services to small, micro, and local businesses.

Digital brand launching is the new in-thing. Several brands are launched online by digital platforms. Digital branding is a communication process that merges the power of the internet and other digital or social platforms to launch a brand or develop a brand. It joins with the awaited customers online i.e. Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc. A short narrative story incorporates proper visuals, and other techniques increase the awareness about the brand.

How do they work?

  • Market research 
  • Competition analysis
  • Logo units 
  • Brand identities 
  • Trademark and website domains
  • Product design
  • Packaging and labels
  • Website design – UI UX
  • Ecommerce enrollment– amazon, flipkart for branding and sales
  •  Social media presence and communication design
  • E-brochure and brand guidelines
  • Content creation and blog
    Influencer outreach
  • Digital and Print PR
  • Outdoor creative work (if required)
  • Performance marketing for branding and sales

Their Experiences:

As a team they worked with digital agencies, creative agencies, ad agencies, digital signage agencies, event management team, transit advertising team. They worked with clients based in locations like Kolkata, Ranchi, Delhi, Gurgaon, North-East, Nepal, Bhutan. Altogether, the 6 members team has more than 30+ years of combined experience in online PR and digital advertising.

Digital PR World is a digital marketing and PR management company with a client base across the country and abroad. They have served varied companies and industries in creative communication, SEO, PR, outdoor campaigns, digital marketing, Amazon Flipkart management, performance marketing services. They have served various companies and industries in creative communication, SEO, risk-mitigating PR, website designs, and other creative digital marketing services. 

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